The Battle of Manila – A Brief History Of The Event In The Philippines

The Battle of Manila - A Brief History Of The Event In The PhilippinesThe Battle of Manila is one of the most famous Philippine historical battles. It happened during the early days of Spanish rule in the Philippines. The Americans were not really keen about interfering in Philippine politics at that time, so they allowed the Filipino troops to fight for their freedom and independence against the Spaniards. This battle has been one of the major turning points in Philippine history as it was one of the turning points in Philippine politics.The Battle of Manila

The Battle of Manila also became a part of the history textbook. In this book, the reader will be introduced to the major players involved in the battle including the American forces, Spain, British, and the Filipino fighters and even the Chinese. Even the Philippine government joined hands with other countries to help defeat the enemy. This explains why after the war, there are many monuments and places in the Philippines which honors the bravery of the Filipino people in their bid to be free from the British and the Spaniards.A Brief History Of The Event In The Philippines

This is just one battle, but you can see how important it was in shaping the future of the country. All these were part of the American effort to occupy the Philippines. Now that the US has withdrawn from the region, only China and Russia are leaving to play an important role in the area. Thus, without the help of these countries, the Philippines will lack support if it wants to pursue its true path as a leading nation.

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