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    Philippine Property in UK Divorce


    I am after some advice.

    I am in a relationship with a Filipina who is currently divorcing her UK husband (Married in the UK)

    My partner has property in the Philippines. Can her ex husband claim half of this property ?

    Has anyone had anything similar.


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    i doubt it

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    Well, it depends on where they are getting divorced and how the court feels about it. If they are divorcing in England or Wales, then they have to show all their stuff, including the Philippine property, to the court. The court will then decide who gets what based on some fancy factors. If they are divorcing in another country, then the rules of that country will apply, which may be better or worse for your girlfriend. Either way, you should get a good lawyer who knows how to deal with international divorce and cross-border drama.

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    I know I said goodbye to 'my' property in the Phils, when I got divorced from the first Filipina Mrs, in the UK.

    Best to see it this way: Poriners have ZERO rights in the Philippines.
    Saves so much stress.

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