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Thread: Women in sport

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    Women in sport

    I see the english woman lost to the australians in the final of the cricket world cup. Of course i was rooting for the girls. Thus said i am not a total fan of woman is a lot of sports. Boxing for starters, who wants to see girls getting beat up? Not something i like to see. Cricket, football, rugby are not the games i would watch when girls are playing, just does not seem right.
    Other sports i have no issue with girls playing, golf, tennis, snooker, darts, etc.... it is just the physical contact sports i just think real woman should not play. OK, i am just an old man stuck in the past but this is my point of view. Anyone else think the same or am i alone in my views.

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    If the English ladies want to have a game of cricket against the Australian ladies that's fair enough.
    I vaguely remember watching a women's mud wrestling contest many years ago, was that in Thailand, I guess so. Far better than the American style women's boxing shows on television anyway.

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    What is a 'woman' in sport now ?

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