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    Another grim year for travel?

    Just as travel restrictions were being scaled back and the world was starting to re-open, Omicron strikes.

    I have just returned from my first travel in 20 months, a three-week stay in Luxor, Egypt. It was wonderful to relax, have some decent weather and enjoy a welcome change of scenery.

    I stayed at my regular hotel, the Winter Pavilon, an annexe to the famous Winter Palace hotel which shares the same good location and wonderful gardens.

    As usual, I avoided the hotel pool and Luxor's historic temples, preferring to visit the local markets and bazaars, walk by the side of the River Nile, and stand at the railroad crossing watching the trains pass slowly by as local traffic and donkey carts were held back by the barriers.

    Completing the passenger locater form and day 2 Lateral flow test on return to the UK was easy.

    I have been following worldwide vaccination rates, Mexico seemed likely to be my next trip in January, The Philippines possible by April or May, and our usual Philippines -Cambodia - Vietnam - Thailand circuit was pencilled in for the end of 2022.

    Now it has all gone, heinous UK Government travel controls are back in place, I can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    I am truly grateful to be residing in my sunny shack in the Philippines right now.

    Good luck all... with this 'moronic' (in anagram form)) new variation, and the damper it has put on freedom of movement.

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    Not been to my home in the Philippines for coming up to 2 years now. i know there was damage to the house in the last typhoon and need to get back there as soon as possible. Hoping to get back by June - July this year all being well.

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    I can only imagine how frustrating (and worrying) that must be.

    Good luck sir.

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