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Thread: Quezon`s game.

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    Quezon`s game.

    Raymond Bagatsing stars in this movie entitled,"Quezon's Game". The movie tells a story about a little known legacy of the late President of the Philippines - Manuel L.Quezon - with regards to providing help to the Jews who are trying to escape from the ghettos of Austria and Germany after they are being hunted by Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.

    What seems to be a minor help to these Jews would rather be like an astronomical hurdle that Quezon has to do in order to get them made. Added to that screenplay is Quezon's fight for independence of the Philippines from the United States and his personal battle with tuberculosis.

    The movie definitely is a good one considering that it highlights the Filipino's virtue of hospitality to the viewers of the film for which the Philippines is known for. it also magnifies one of the little known legacy of a great Filipino man in Manuel Quezon,who was well-known for his fight for independence for the Philippines. It could have been a masterpiece but too bad that it fell short in some parts of the film.

    Despite the fact that it firmly establishes Quezon as a great man and it highlights his help to the Jews,I felt that the movie is somewhat lacking in realism in some parts of the screenplay. One thing that is somewhat misunderstood is the fact that the Philippines is far from a flourishing country in Asia particularly during the advent of World War II considering that it fell under the Japanese occupation. Added to that,it somewhat fails to highlight that Quezon and the people of his government are relocated in the United States which makes them a government-in-exile. As for the film,I felt that the production design was somewhat clinical and lacking in surgical fashion as white becomes the primary color in the background to define the time of the events.

    With the things that I have mentioned above,it somehow felt short of becoming a Filipino masterpiece.

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    Quezon's Game, how Filipino president Manuel Quezon rescued 1,200 Jews from the Holocaust

    In 1939, more than 1,200 Jews were saved from the horrors of Nazi concentration camps by a man with a list.
    While many people know of Oskar Schindler the hero made famous by Thomas Keneally's novel and Steven Spielberg's 1993 film Schindler's List there was another man with another list.
    That man was then-Filipino president Manuel Quezon, whose exploits are little known in the Philippines, let alone around the world.
    But cinema director Matthew Rosen, a British-born Jew living in the Philippines, was determined that everyone should know about Quezon's selfless act in a "time of darkness".
    His efforts are for all to see in Quezon's Game, a low-budget period drama that opened in limited release in Australia recently.

    Battle against America

    Quezon's Game details the efforts of the charismatic president who aimed to bring 10,000 Jews to the Philippines.
    In 1939 his nation was transitioning towards independence and remained effectively under US control, which meant the Americans controlled the number of immigrants allowed in to his country.

    Former Philippines president (1935-1944) Manuel L Quezon.(Supplied: US Library of Congress
    "In the end, his greatest roadblock to bringing Jews to his country was not the Nazis, but the American Government," Rosen said.


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    Got it downloading, should be of interest.

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