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    Dude sends "girlfriend" 40,000 dollars and he hasn't even met her yet

    Seems like a nice enough guy but what the hell is he playing at?

    It's blokes like him that make it harder for men who do seek a genuine partner from abroad. Why? Because the more men who get loose with their wallet the more scammers appear.

    Overseas dating is like an Ebay auction for women nowadays. Guys are literally buying bullsh1t. If you're looking for a genuine partner from the Phils for example, it'll be wiser to look for a girl way out in the province leading a sheltered life and without the negative influences of the internet and social media.

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    40,000k pocket change, this guy spent\sent over 100k on a dating site and money to her over 7 years

    Willams with the Manc British accent and the pictures taken in sunny Manchester


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