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    Post Pros & Cons Of Covid Passports

    https://www.theguardian.com/commenti...nment-damaging ...

    Coud they become counter-productive? What do forum members believe?

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    They should be available for those that want them.

    Visiting a dentist or optician I would be more than happy to show that I have been vaccinated if it sets them at ease and allows a more relaxed maskless visit.

    Smaller bars might not have enough space for socially distanced tables, the lack of trade would put them out of business. Requiring a Covid passport could be an alternative to social distancing, the decision should remain with the business owner.

    I think that day to day mask-wearing, social distancing, and track and trace are going to be with us for some significant time. A Covid passport could allow relaxation of the rules in certain situations.

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