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    Postal service to the Philippines.

    Four and a half weeks since I posted my Valentines card, it has still not arrived in Leyte.

    The Royal Mail website claims 6-7 working days for International Standard delivery, that's airmail, I even put a little blue "Par Avion" sticker next to the stamp.

    Oh well, it might get there early, only another 50 weeks to go.

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    Don't expect it to arrive at all. You should've just bought a card online that doesn't go thru customs (from the online shops where you buy gifts for the Philippines).

    We sent 2 small packages of coffee for my parents in the past thru Royal Mail. One arrived after 3 months and the other went missing. We sent it via air cargo and supposed to arrive in 3 to 5 days. After probably 14 months, the other box turned up and my mum had to pick it up from the post office. It arrived from UK to Philippines after 3 days from the day we sent it. It was stuck in the Philippine customs all those times. Do not trust Philippine customs in anything, whether letters or packages.
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    I sent a small package to Valencia via Post office 30th December air mail, the receipt and paperwork states up to 7 weeks delay because of covid restrictions and if not delivered by 25 days I can claim value of contents and postage so I put in my claim. Hopefully it still could arrive ok

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