I used to watch in amazement whilst drinking hot coffee, my neighbours scraping ice and snow from their car windshields with credit cards etc at 6AM.. F@K that!!
Sometimes they only scrape a foot square area from front and back windows and off they go!!!
Me?? After my 15 min Coffee,smoke and slice of toast break..
One watering can full of hot water poured over the whole car, de iced it in 20 seconds.
Never a cracked wind screen or window like the old myth`s and wives tales portrayed!!

I have not witnessed nor experienced such nasty or such horrendously freezing conditions for about 14 years.. For that reason alone, I thought it only right that I share this old trick to the members scraping frozen ice away there in the U.K!!
Don't ever scrape a frozen windscreen or car window ever again..
Thanks Fred!!!
Your welcome.