Free speech campaigners today blasted Police Scotland over its decision to charge a man over an offensive tweet about Captain Sir Tom Moore.
A tweet sent shortly after war hero's death last Tuesday read: 'The only good Brit soldier is a deed one, burn auld fella, buuuuurn.'
Joseph Kelly will appear at Lanark Sheriff Court accused of communications offences.

Laurence Fox led anger about the decision today, tweeting: 'The police should be free to do their jobs, which is investigate actual crime, not arresting idiots who tweet idiotic things.
'Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of any open society. Protect it, even if you donít like or agree with it.'
One libertarian Scottish Twitter user wrote 'my country is a joke' next to an article announcing the charge today.
Politics lecturer Adrian Hilton wrote: 'Unless this tweet threatened violence or incited civil unrest or some other kind of harm, I'd very much like to know why this man has been arrested. We have a right to be 'offensive', and that's a high bar. If anyone can send me the tweet, please do.'