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    Quick Update For Philippines Immigration.

    New Updates From Philippines.2020


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    Thanks for that guys!

    Just love the fly swat at 4:17.

    Hard to accept that this stuff is going to continue for so long, though, realistically, until there has been widespread local vaccination none of the Asian countries currently under lockdown is going to encourage long distance travel.

    Julie and I have spent the last few year ends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, nice place, but impossible this year, I am stuck in the UK, she is stuck in the Philippines.

    Jeff, re the $2000 deposit required for entry to Cambodia, $4000 for the two of you.
    They might refund it in local currency at the airport when you leave the country. 164,100 x 100 riel notes stuffed into plastic carrier bags.

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    Only foreigners with Filipino spouse can apply for a visa.
    If possible,stay the hell away for your own sanity for at least another 6 months.

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