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    Filipino solicitor in UK

    Need some assistance regarding obtaining a 9A visa


    According to the web site I think I may be eligible.

    My partner (not married) was born in the Philippines

    My children are there and go to school there, although they both hold British passports.

    Can anyone recommend a solicitor here in the UK that I can contact with hope to instruct them to help with my visa application.



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    Thanks for the attachment Simon , appreciate that. According to the information you have provided your case should be accepted as long as your partner holds a Philippine passport. I've studied the whole issue of this these past weeks, my opinion is that a solicitor wouldn't be able to do any more than you can. I emailed the Philippine Embassy asking questions, to my surprise they replied politely and sent me the same attachment that you have. It seems pretty easy to follow. I am not allowed to obtain A9 until restrictions are lifted, but it could be possible for you if you have the correct proof of circumstances and quarantine accordingly. Let me know how you progress please.

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