We took "the family" to a resort near Tacloban last week, a couple of pools and a waterslide, great fun or the kids playing around in the pool. By mid-afternoon things quietened down and food took centre stage.

Then a shout, confusion, all the women were screaming.

One of Julie's nieces, a seven-year-old girl, had been in the pool on her own and had drowned, nobody had been watching her. Her lifeless body was dragged out of the water and placed by the edge of the pool.

The family did their best. After a few minutes of CPR a lot of water came out of her mouth then some vague consciousness returned.

The girl was rushed to the closest hospital where I am told, she had oxygen tubes inserted up her nose and was put on a dextrose drip. By the next day she had recovered and was discharged, she looked well.

No lifeguard, though the resorts cashier lady did walk across with a first aid kit.