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    MN1 Application - Filipino Child from previous marriage please help!

    Hello Everyone,

    I wonder please if you could help me.

    I am applying for citizenship for me and my son. Our situation is highlighted below

    - I am the biological (filipino) mother with ILR card applying for citizenship.
    - My current spouse is British citizen (not the father of my son)
    - My son is also a holder of ILR.
    - My son biological father (Filipino and my previous spouse) is based in the Philippines and we dont know his whereabouts.

    My question is:
    1) on question 1.21 Childs fathers name - is this his biological father or my current spouse? my son's birth certificate is the Biological father and me.

    Im just confuse as there is bold letter before the question that says:
    Details of the child parents, if one or both are not the birth parents, provide the details of the biological parents on the final page of the form

    2) on question 1.1 indicate the section of the British nationality Act 1981 - is this Ection 3(1)?

    3) On question 1.39 date of parents marriage - is this me and current spouse or the previous marriage?

    4) Question 1.40 whas the mother married at the time the child was born tick yes
    and then follwed by was this to childs father or Someone else? again Im confused should I think someone else and indicate the details of the biological father on the blank space.

    And lastly Consent to the application

    7.1 fathers consent - is this my current spouse or biological father?

    Please can anybody enlighten me?

    Many thanks

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    I believe these questions would be the same ones when you applied for his previous visas. Your answers should match them. I believe these questions are about his biological father, especially if your husband hasn't adopted him. Hopefully another member with the same situation as yours will give you an answer.
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