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    New UKVI Visa applying ONLINE Part 2

    Hi guys,
    this is an update on the rest of the process.

    Once you have filled in the ONLINE form you will need be directed to fill in some more details and you will be directed to another link to pay your 1000 NHS health charge. After this is completed you will be redirected back to filling in and completing the ONLINE form.

    You will need to pay the fee. After this you will need to print and download your completed application form and 3-4 more documents "Home Office Verification Checks to sign" and you will need to send this together with your "Check List" Download and print.

    You will have receipt sent to your email address for the Health Surcharge and Visa fee.

    Once you have done all this you will have an option to choose the NEW Premium Service or the OLD Premium service.

    Basically with a 1033 visa it will cost 1640 or so pounds for the Premium service. We opted for the Postal one so we had a document to print that we shall take to the POST Office to do the biometrics.

    There will be a unique number and bar code of the form for the post office to scan in. You will take your document and attach a receipt to the paid completed Biometrics. The data will be sent to Home Office. You need to send your documents to the address provided on the Checks List within 15 days!

    I advise sent it registered post and supply the equivalent prepaid envelope for all your documents and folders to be returned. Thats about 26 to send Royal Mail Special Delivery by 13;00 and send back Royal Mail signed for first class 16.60

    You have an opportunity to check your details before you pay once you pay you cannot change it.

    You need to check it a few times both of you to make sure you have not made a mistake.

    Hope this helps.

    Wish you the best on your ONLINE VISA.

    John & Angeline
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"
    "It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" Lord Tenneson.

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    Thank you for the information ref UKVI visa John, I'm sure many will appreciate your post, great stuff.

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    Hi, thank you for posting this useful and informative thread. I haven't applied for naturalization yet but hoping to do it soon. I am just gathering my documents at the moment.I am a bit busy working and looking after my children.Thank you once again.

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    I didn't realise that the NHS health surcharge is now 1000!!!
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