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    Quote Originally Posted by Terpe View Post
    Thank you Stuart.
    I will be most interested to learn from you.

    My wife has a BDO account but haven't tried to remit bank to bank.
    I always do a cash pick at BDO.....well unless they are 'off-line'.....then I can try Palawan Express ...
    your welcome, i will give an update as soon as i hear from them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terpe View Post
    Thank you jonnijon, that's great info
    I have a BPI account account already but not used for around 2 years
    I will make a visit and check out
    Thanks again friend
    Never had a problem, state pension and two small private pensions all there every month. The state pension DWP send through Citibank, and they follow American bank holidays, so sometimes there is a slight delay. My payday is a Friday so the last American holiday was independence day, that was a Thursday so my pension did not appear in my account until the following Monday night.

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    Thanks jonnijon.

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