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    Moderator Arthur Little's Avatar
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    Thumbs up 'Sound' Advice If You're Scottish

    When it's dark ootside an' pissin' doon,
    When it's awfy wild ... 'n' blawin' a hoolie,
    Stick yer feet in somethin' woolly.
    Nae better
    place than bein' inside
    Cooriein' in by yer ain fireside.
    Or in yer kip, listenin' tae the rain
    Bouncin' aff yer windae pane
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    Trusted Member grahamw48's Avatar
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    Haha... good one Arthur.

    No sign of bad weather here at the moment...

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    Respected Member Michael Parnham's Avatar
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    Reminds me of my many many trips to Scotland Arthur, I get a warm feeling even though you are referring to bad weather, nice

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