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    New Online FLR-M Extension for my Wife I'm Confused

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been filling in the online form to apply for an extension to my Wifes FLR-M but I'm unsure that I am filling in the right form??

    Also it says about attending at a UKVCAS Centre which we did not have to do before?

    On the email I got when I was halfway through and saved it it says

    "UK Visas & Immigration

    Your visa application has been saved.

    Use this link to sign in to your application:

    Family Route

    UK Visas and Immigration"

    can anybody help?

    Am I completing the right form??

    Regards SDM.

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    UKVI is changing the ways to apply for visa. They removed the Checking Service and Premium Service option and is now replaced by UKVCAS.

    Read the process here (from a member's experience):

    New UKVI Visa applying ONLINE

    New UKVI Visa applying ONLINE Part 2

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