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Thread: European Army

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    Trusted Member stevewool's Avatar
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    European Army

    I am sure many years ago a European Army was mentioned and it was shot down by Europe saying no it will never happen, but look now, there is news about there is going to be one.

    So do we need a European Army? I am not a military man so what do I know about this stuff.

    The last few wars have been in Europe, so who would defend any European nation against another European nation if there was a conflict about land and so on? Just a thought.

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    Respected Member Longweekend's Avatar
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    Sounds like just another way of making all European countries toe the line...

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    Trusted Member grahamw48's Avatar
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    Well, the British saved them from the Nazis during the war, and look at how we're treated by them now.

    Yep... let them take care of themselves... until they need us and the Americans to save them again.

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