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    FLR (M) application

    Hello everyone,

    I am due to apply for FLR (M) soon as my visa expires on the 31st of December. Me and my husband Edd have decided that we will just do the long way as the premium service is a bit costly, we are expecting our first baby in January as well. Is it true that we can submit our application as early as this month since is is my 30th month in England?

    Thank you!



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    I believe it's no earlier than 28 days before the 30 months or anytime up to the expiry date shown on your BRP.

    We applied two days before the expiry of my wife's BRP and we were fine. Do the online version. It's easier and you pay online. You then just have to send in your supporting documents.

    Expect the application to take 8 weeks.

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