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    English Test-- Do We Need to Retake?

    Hello everyone! Can someone enlighten me about taking the English test again? I took IELTS Academic Module in 2014 and was accepted 3 times as scores are above B1 level-- Entry Clearance, FLR (M)1 and FLR (M)2

    This has been a continuing argument with me and my friends here in the UK. They are saying just take it again for my ILR applicatlion due in February 2020.

    I was also told that my test will only be considered twice so I have to take again??

    I also know someone who is under the 'Old Rule' who wants to apply for citizenship. Does she need to retake too? I am confused.

    Can someone help or provide info/links to prove we need to take the English test again.

    Thank you.

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    You don't have to retake the test if your English test score is B1 and above. You will only have to retake if the test provider is not included in the list of accepted test providers. I haven't seen any documents that indicate the test will only be accepted twice. My IELTS was taken in 2011. I was also under the old rules. It was accepted for my Fiancee Visa (2011), FLR(M) (2012), ILR (2015) and citizenship (2017).
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    This has always been my go to answer. But why they don't seem to believe me?

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