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    Angry Personal Independence Payment Gives One Man 'The Pip'

    ... 's seemingly the new name for a State Benefit previously known as Disability Living Allowance.

    So ... ... you'd think someone already in receipt of DLA for most of his life would automatically qualify for entitlement - without needing to be reassessed.

    ... 'fraid NOT

    https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/u...s-pip-13341983 ...

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    It has probably cost the country more money to revamp this benefit scheme than was being fraudulently claimed before.

    Why rename it at all ....at great expense ? There is nothing to stop them 're-testing' existing claimants anyway, is there ?

    Stupid damned governments, wasting taxpayer's money again. They are very good at that... as with their pathetic dysfunctional computer systems.

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