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Thread: The night sky

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    The night sky

    Over the last few nights there has been Jupiter and Saturn up there but if you are looking they are just like all the bight specks of light up there.

    I have been trying to get some pictures of them with my camera equipment which is very limited but i do find it very interesting that i may even treat myself to either a bigger lens or even a astro telescope, but knowing i am a tight git and like to pay as little as i can for the best results.

    Here are a few from the other night, you can see the Moons of Jupiter on one picture, as you can see they are a little blurred , but as they are thousand of miles away, you may understand.


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    Currently in Maui, Hawaii. Venus is super bright in ‘our’ night sky at the moment.

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    Although i don't have much interest in astronomy and astrophotography but these images are amazing and looks stunning.

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