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    My Wife now an Irish Citizen, Can she still use her Philippine Passport


    Hope someone can help.

    So, about 4 weeks ago my wife became an Irish citizen and we have applied for her Irish Passport. It will take 5-6 weeks to arrive.

    But now my wife would like to get back to Philippines ASAP because her mother is very sick.

    So my question is, can she still use her Filipina passport or is her Phili citizenship now void?

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    I'm sure she could do it, but how about when she returns?
    Will she have the correct visa on her Philippine passport in order to return?

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    Hi thanks for your response.
    Well she still also has her Bio metric card as we are residents in Nothern Ireland. It's still valid for 2 years.

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    Your Mrs is a natural born Filipino...Even if she has lost her citizenship she can still avail of Balikbayan privileges..All she needs to do is show her new Irish passport and her birth cert at immigration in the R.P and they will give her a one year visa free stay.. If you were to travel with her, you would be granted the same privilege as her husband..Any kids would be included too..
    Once she gets her new Irish passport, she is also entitled to become a dual citizen after re-acquisition of her Filipino citizenship via the Filipino Embassy.. All her previous Filipino citizen rights are retained..
    (well, almost all..About the only thing she cannot do as a dual cit. is run for public office in the R.P)

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