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    Perceived Differences Between Men's And Women's Sexuality

    According to the following article in the 'Manila Standard', men are "more visual" than women sexually.

    http://manilastandard.net/opinion/co...re-visual.html ...

    ... how much truth in such a statement do members think there is?

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    Respected Member cheekee's Avatar
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    Wow !!

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    Respected Member Ako Si Jamie's Avatar
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    Heard this before ages ago. It's not groundbreaking although I don't totally agree with it especially from a personal viewpoint towards women.

    For one, bikinis and long legs don't do it for me visually. Oriental eyes and long black shiny hair however, can!

    Having said that I can find women very appealing because of their personality and how they bring themselves across but I still would need to be physically attracted to them to a degree.
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    Trusted Member grahamw48's Avatar
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    If women can't comprehend this very very ancient and basic fact of life then they must be a pretty dim bunch.

    Can I help the fact that nature gave me a dick and a libido ?


    Ladies. Get over it.

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    Respected Member Michael Parnham's Avatar
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    Certainly some truth

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