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Thread: Is This True?

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    Is This True?

    If you are refused a Family Visit Visa for whatever reason, will this affect your application for spouse visa. Both parties married, met twice in the flesh. Wife in Philippines has family to return to... but no job property children etc.

    Solicitor in UK has advised not to apply for Visit Visa as this will have consequences on Future Spouse Visa application if refused.

    Couple just want to be together but worried what to do?

    Would appreciate members comments.

    Many Thanks,


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    Visit Visa refusals (or even approvals) don't have any bearing in getting a spouse visa. The only problem it will cause the applicant is if the refusal was because of FRAUD documents or deception and such. If the Home Office found any fraudulent documents or deception to gain an approved visa, then I believe it's possible for them to give the applicant a 10-year ban to future visa applications. Otherwise, a simple refusal (i.e. the Home Office doesn't believe the applicant have strong ties to his/her home country for him/her to return) won't affect the spouse visa application.

    I found this sample online of a refusal with 10-year ban.

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