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    Government capitulates to 2nd surrender of Britainís fishing

    Government Capitulates to 2nd Surrender of Britain’s Fishing

    The news that the government will capitulate to continuing the same terms of the CFP after Brexit as part of a transition make a mockery of the grandstanding about “leaving the CFP” and “taking back control”.

    It’s an irrevocable surrender of Britain’s fishing for a second time. It squanders one golden legal opportunity as Article 50 gives a clean slate with the “treaties ceasing to apply” – as the EU agreed to.

    This means that on the 29th March 2019 the CFP and all its rights and obligations would cease and the UK would revert to international law – giving complete control over all waters and resources.


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    I was in the industry for 25 years and quit when I was 50. Had enough of the quotas and regulations that were all in favor of the French and Spanish, then you had to throw good fish away dead because the quota was used up. It used to be a pleasure to go to sea but with the running cost and quotas you had to go to sea whatever the weather.

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    Absolutely pathetic !

    Yes I voted NO ! back in the 70s .

    Grain mountains, wine lakes, fish thrown back. Disgraceful.

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    Well ... ... to my mind, our so~called 'Brexit negotiators' have "pulled the plug" on more than 's fishing rights. ... how about their continuing to sanction the European Union's control over our centuries-old legal traditions??

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    Instead it will be subject to EU rules for 21 months until December 2020.

    What's another 21 months when they've fished in UK waters for decades.

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