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    Need Help in UK Fiancee Visa application

    Hello guys!

    Me and my boyfriend are in the process of gathering evidence for my UK Fiancee Visa Application to be lodged on end of May 2018.. I'm having lots of questions regarding the application and hope you could give me answers. The following are my questions:

    A. Regarding Evidence of Accommodation

    My boyfriend works in Dartford and stays in Erith. But his family is living in Wellingborough. Is it okay if we indicate his family home as our permanent accommodation? This is in case his current landlord will not allow me to stay. It is only two months till our target application date yet we haven't heard anything from the landlord. We are going to get married in Northampton Registry Office and we already secured a provisional booking for this. Accordingly, we should also be able to prove that we have lived in Northampton for at least 9 days prior to the Notice of Marriage. So is it okay if we put Wellingborough as our permanent accommodation eventhough it is quite far from my boyfriend's workplace?

    B. Regarding my Evidence of Employment

    I am planning to tender my resignation from my current company on end of May. I plan that my resignation will be effective end of June. One of my evidence will be a Certificate of Employment from my employer. I am just quite scared that the ECO might contact my employer at the end of June (or maybe July) during which I am no longer an employee there anymore. Will the ECO accuse me of fraud?? Sorry I'm just quite paranoid. :(

    C. On Evidence of Marriage

    Are provisional booking, draft wedding invitation and save the date, e-mails from prospective photographers/caterers enough as proof?

    Thank you. Hope you guys could find time to answer my queries.

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum.

    A. With regards to the accommodation, I believe there would be a question in the form regarding where your fiance is currently living and proof of address (I can't remember all the questions). He would need to provide documents for that. I would suggest that you provide a supporting letter from your fiance informing the current housing situation and supporting letters from your future in-laws just in case his current accommodation fell through. Your supporting documents (letters, photos of both houses, etc.) will be very helpful with this. Just make sure your in-laws' house would comply to housing requirement (meaning they have big enough space for all of you living in the house and won't cause overcrowding).

    B. Don't be worried regarding your current employment situation. They are only concern with how your husband will support you once you are here in the UK. In my application in the past (it was in 2011), I provided letter of employment from my employer just as supporting document of my identification (or something like that), but I don't think it mattered honestly. Your application is for settlement and not just a visit visa. I resigned when I got my visa approval.

    C. Your evidence of marriage are all good.
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    Thanks a lot, Rayna!

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