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    Jeepney phase out update


    Does anyone have correct information on the Jeepney phase-out. They state it started in January with older models >15 years being taken off the roads.

    - Is there a clear list of replacement vehicles which can be registered as Jeepneys?
    - Is this just Manila area at the moment?
    - It looks like they want to phase out old (current) style Jeepneys by 2021. How is this possible without a lot of people losing their livlihoods and many people not being able to get to work (OK, buy a bike/moped...).
    - There is mention of a requirement for Euro4 engines (or something like that). So would an old Jeepney with a 'new' engine pass?

    Seems to be a bit of a mess to me. Where are the regulations written clearly?


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    No regulations written CLEARLY in the Philippines.

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    That is a topic under debates there has it own odds and evens. And regarding the area, so It will not going rule over Manila area at the moment, It is for whole country.

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