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    Jeepney phase out update


    Does anyone have correct information on the Jeepney phase-out. They state it started in January with older models >15 years being taken off the roads.

    - Is there a clear list of replacement vehicles which can be registered as Jeepneys?
    - Is this just Manila area at the moment?
    - It looks like they want to phase out old (current) style Jeepneys by 2021. How is this possible without a lot of people losing their livlihoods and many people not being able to get to work (OK, buy a bike/moped...).
    - There is mention of a requirement for Euro4 engines (or something like that). So would an old Jeepney with a 'new' engine pass?

    Seems to be a bit of a mess to me. Where are the regulations written clearly?


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    No regulations written CLEARLY in the Philippines.

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