Yes we are looking for more drivers and the more people who apply either cannot read or have no idea about multi drop work.
Do you have a license, yes for a car, no i mean for a hgv, "whats one of them". you get my drift who are applying.
We have just taken on our first female driver she is a van driver which we did ask for and after so many people coming she seemed to be the best, she is a European citizen and she is doing a fantastic job so far.
Now back to our HGV drivers doing multi drop work, how many deliveries do we do they ask, then they sa i only do a few and is there any overtime , well there is no overtime and there are lots of drops too i say, the money is fine compared to what others pay it sees but it also seems that most folk just dont like hard work.
I think all they want is a nice big lorry and a few drops per day, a little like look at me in this big lorry, anyway we are now looking at taking on new drivers as they cannot find work because no one will risk these folk with no experience in driving a HGV vehicle .