Next year (from Mid April 2018 after this financial year is over), my wife will be applying for ILR as she will have been in the UK for 5 years.

When she applied for FLR, we combined her earnings through employment with one company with that of my self employment income for the last financial year.

We are hoping to do this again for ILR - however, my wife wishes to change jobs as she is not happy at work.

If she changes employment I do not know if her earnings from more than one employer will count towards the final figure for the financial year.

Appendix FM 1.7 reads:

9.3.7 Where a couple are using their joint income to meet the financial requirement , all of this income must fall within the financial year(s) being relied on and must still be a source of income at the time of application. For example, if the applicant is in the UK with permission to work, to combine their salaried employment income with their partner's self-employment income, they must provide evidence of the income received from this salaried employment during their self-employed partner's relevant financial year(s) and evidence of ongoing employment at the date of application
Can she change jobs and the income from both jobs be used in the total for the last financial year?