There is lots of this about in the news just lately and every political party is getting in on the act too, but who is sorting the problem out and where is all the money coming from too, plus who should pay for this?
Now I am not up on this at all, so if I make a mistake please feel free to comment or place your view.
I have two sisters one is 74 and has worked all her life, brought up 4 children and bought their own home too. Her husband worked too all his life and when he died she had part of his pension, plus her own pension plus the State pension.
She pays all the bills that come into that house, pays tax on her extra pension and her husband's too, but she is doing well, the house is worth around 110,000 and she has a few thousands in the bank.
Now my other sister she has been married all her life her husband is alive too and in all he has worked less then a year all his working life.
They have 4 children too and have been on some sort of benefit for ever. They live in a council house and they get a State pension. They have very little savings and any work that is needing to be done on the property is done by the council.
Now who is the better off? Many would have thought a few years ago the sister who has savings and her own house and has worked and paid her way in life. I would have said this too.
But what about now? and with social care in the forefront, I would say my sister who has paid nothing in and has no savings and no house that she owns.
If both of them have to go into care maybe they would be treated the same, 3 meals a day and a warm place to be, but who would pay for this, the government or local council for one and the other well would she have to pay for all these goodies herself?
If this is the case how many of us who thought we were doing right all those years ago are thinking now we have been lied to?
Yes things have to change and yes we should pay for our care, we have been caring for ourselves since leaving the family house. So why do we expect someone to look after us once we finish work and no income coming in?
Is there another way other than selling your house and moving abroad with all your assets and looking after yourself?
Yes there is, just before you retire from work get a very young foreign lady to come here and then she could be your very own care person.