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    UK spouse visa: postponed VFS appointment due to accident

    My wife is applying for spouse visa from Philippines. I (UK sponsor) already sent supporting documents to UKVI Sheffield, as VFS website says documents can be sent to Sheffield before biometrics.
    Two days ago, my wife had serious accident, so she had to postpone VFS biometrics appointment. New VFS appointment is 7 weeks after online application date.

    Online application and payment: 4th April 2017
    Supporting documents received by Sheffield: 19th Apr 2017
    New VFS appointment for biometrics: 22nd May 2017

    The most recent bank statement I sent to Sheffield was dated 10th April 2017, but bank statement won't be within 28 days of 22nd May 2017 VFS appointment. Shall I send additional bank statements to Sheffield to meet 28 days rule?

    Is there a maximum gap allowed between online application and VFS biometrics appointment for outside-UK applicants?

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    If possible I would submit new bank statements so they are as up to date as possible...just to be sure. Unfortunately I don't know if there is a maximum gap between appointments or not. Good luck with it all.
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