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    Ten BEST Chicken Drumstick Recipes From India

    Here they are ... courtesy of 'Smart C()()ky':


    Food for thought?

    - mmm, - you bet! Enjoy!

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    Very interesting Arthur. Thanks
    Already added to my collection of recipes.

    As an aside, in the UK Chicken Wings I think were always the cheapest, then Drumsticks, then Thighs then the most expensive was Chicken Breast.

    Here in the Philippines Chicken wings/Chicken Drumsticks and Chicken Breast are all around the same price.
    Even Chickens Feet are priced at around P99 per kg (certainly not an option for me at anytime even if it's with free beer)
    Chicken skin and gizzard are also quite expensive. Not That I've knowingly eaten them

    I've enjoyed chicken gizzard Yakitori in Japan though
    The Japanese know a thing or two about food IMHO

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