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    When my wife arrived in the UK I had to apply for housing benefit until my wife started work and I had to pay full council tax also they gave me benefit allowance for two living in the property, it did not affect the rule of NO Recourse To Public Funds as it was me who applied. When she started work all they needed was her first pay date so that they knew when to stop the housing Benefit. Hope this helps and good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydegbrick View Post
    Hello all and good morning
    At long last the winter is almost over and there is a lot of spring time in the air
    Lots of flowers and blossoms blooming with new life
    'Oh to be in England in the spring'

    Amen to that mate,i have been running in your local park (bushy) this morning,deer and those screechy green parrots everywhere,fantastic place on a spring morning

    Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'll be up again. But life goes on.
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    housing benefits plus

    Quote Originally Posted by SimonH View Post
    I'd check your local council web site. I assume you were under a single occupancy and therefore getting a 25% reduction in your council tax (this will vary on a council to council basis), but if you were I'd advise them straight away or once they find out they'll chase you for any back payment due.
    Thank you Simon

    I was told to contact imigration to try and find about this first and to look at the rules in regards to the fact that my wife has come to the UK with no income of her own whatsoever.

    And to the fact that right now in this moment in time, i don't want my wife to get a job just yet because I am very happy to be able to support us both with my own pension and other allowances that I have of my own

    Also it is something to do wirh the DWP as they are the ones that pay for this small part of my housing allowance to help me
    Then to determine how much discount we can still get before I tell Richmond council?

    I hope that this message of mine is making myself clear to you?
    Please ask me anything you like to know?
    Also I was hoping someone on here has had some similar experience of there own to share with me?
    Thanks again

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