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    Post Advice Please on Avoiding Bullet Scam/ Shrink Wrap


    In light of the recent extortion scams about bullets being placed in luggage, I wonder if someone could kindly advise me whether shrink wrap is available at NAIA airport at the entrance and if so, the current cost per item?

    If anyone has any advice on pro-actively avoiding the situation of the above in the first place, it would be gratefullly received (I've seen Terpe's valuable info about what to do if allegedly caught)

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    Copied and pasted from one of my earlier posts, if it's of any help

    A couple of ideas that may make you less of a likely target...

    1. Get some electrical insulation tape (or whatever you can get hold of), and run this over every zip, pocket and opening on your case. This will make it a lot harder for something to be 'planted'

    2. If travelling with someone else when you put your luggage through any x-ray machine make sure one of you go through to watch your bags coming out the other side of the machine, and don't go through yourself until you've seen all of your bags etc enter the machine.

    3. Obviously never leave your bag, if on a trolley keep it in front of you and don't let some stranger distract you by asking for the time or anything else, think of it as a reverse pick pocket.

    Statistically the chances of you falling victim to this scam are minuscule, how many people have fallen victim compared to how many passengers pass through the airport on a daily basis

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    DOJ assigns prosecutor to NAIA for bullet scam victims

    Department of Justice (DOJ) spokesperson Emmanuel Caparas told reporters on Friday, November 13, that the airport prosecutor is tasked to immediately determine if a passenger caught with a bullet inside his or her luggage will be charged in court.
    Caparas said the justice department started deploying a prosecutor to NAIA last week to help avoid inconvenience among passengers.


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    Some posts here: http://filipinaroses.com/showthread....-crew-on-board

    Cost of shrink wrap in NAIA is Php160 per luggage.
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    The simple fact is you shouldnt have to shrink wrap your bag,what next....Vac pac?Its more fun in pinas??Really?You get one chance to make a first impression and NAIA fails miserably,I have 2 friends who are going out for the first time in january to visit my nephew wo is studying there,thankfully they are flying into mactan BUT they had heard of the bullet scam

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    well last time i was there -we had some flight issues ,had to re-enter and due to time constraint left phone on tray in xray machine ,only few minutes later some staff were alerting me that i had left it ,so there are honest people there too and the employee of etihad airline was very helpful unlike their customer service on facebook/email ,they certainly wont be getting my money again any time soon

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    I saw a guy having his luggage being shrink wrapped near counter 52 at check-ins.

    I passed through NAIA four times recently with no shrink wrap and no problems. I actually think this bullet scam was blown out of proportion. Warning staff of the thirty year sentence imposed if caught planting ammunition would be a big enough deterrent and I would imagine this is what was said to combat the problem - along with extra camera's.

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    A priest was the latest victim of planting of live ammo.
    Better to be informed and aware than not IMO
    There is a scam going on and the NBI are investigating.
    Whether anything will be changed or not is anyone's guess.

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    What an advert for their tourism industry.


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