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Thread: Tax Credits

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    Tax Credits

    Whilst i posted on here some weeks ago that i was broadly in favour of The Budget, this is one aspect which i did not agree with.


    Now while I am in favour of reducing some Housing Benefit, and am wholeheartedly in favour of getting people into work, I am in NO way in agreement with hitting people in low paid work (someone has to do these jobs) and cutting Tax Credits for people who want to work IS going to hit people hard. More than 1 1/4 million families are going to be losing up to £2184 = £42 per week, and a further almost 2 million families will lose up to £1350 = £25 per week. This will apply from next year (April Onwards) but the new living wage will not come into effect until 2020 just prior to the next general election (coincidence or what ?). How can people who are on minimum wage afford to lose these kinds of money?, put simply they cant, how can they pay sky high utility Bills ? I have no idea. I really feel for these Workers on under £20,000 or less per year, In the West Midlands where i was born and Bred there still are NOT many unskilled/Semi Skilled jobs that pay over the 20k per year, indeed many are on Agency work, unsocial hours, no job security, not many jobs for life around in 2015, indeed many people count themselves fortunate to have a job at all.

    I'm afraid for the long term future of this Country, I see many 2nd and 3rd generation immigrant families driving around in Big Cars, I see many of these families owning 2/3/4 or more homes, I see these families owning family run businesses, to begin with, They had a Taxi,The Corner Shops, The Off Licences, and now they own The Taxi Company, The local Supermarkets, The Pharmacies, The Dentists, The Post Offices, whilst their Sons ride around posing in the Big Cars, and in many cases selling illegal (we all know what I mean) substances. They also were and are a large part of whats commonly known as the Black Economy (Cash in Hand Work) where they avoid paying Tax, indeed they still are, and It's the Brits who seem to be the second and 3rd class citizens now, in what used to be the UK.

    This cut in Tax Credits will not help to rebalance this out, indeed i think for many it will do nothing but help to push them into a never ending hole of debt. I count myself fortunate to almost be at the end of my working life, and not much of this affects me, but it is a worry to see where this Country has gone over the last couple of decades, and where it is heading in the NOT too distant future.

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    I think the problem is that Tax Credits have morphed into a huge thing covering many areas they were not originally intended for. Agreed something is needed to help these types of families though, some kind of allowance (I don't like the word benefit, and credit now seems to be 'tainted' in the minds of the current government).

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    Some of us have been pointing out for decades the folly of permitting millions from foreign countries with totally alien cultures and religions from ours to set up shop in Britain. (Literally in many cases). Most of our housing and employment laws ignored. 8 year-olds serving customers, etc. Every last farthing extracted from the benefit system. Cheating and fraud a way of life.

    Yes, of course you're going to do well against the native law-biding mugs.

    Trojan Horse on a huge scale.

    We who dare to bring up the subject were/are branded racists.

    So, I'm afraid we'll just need to grin and bear it now.

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