It is not that long ago when call center jobs in the Philippines revolved around offering support for email services. These days the subject matter can be anything; customer relations, financial services, education, customer care, travel services, and other business-to-customer services. The call center industry is now the fastest growing in the whole of the Philippines. There are now thousands of employment opportunities for people who wish to work in this industry.

Unlike the old days when it would be a drag to work in these places, these days they are well managed, and pay can also be good, with a number of ways of moving up the career ladder. Many US and EU companies now outsource to the Philippines, as it helps them reduce costs, and they also get the bonus of employing people who speak English very well. For years, outsourcing often went to countries like India, but many people in the west complained that they had trouble understanding what the person in the call center was saying. Thankfully, the Philippines gets rid of that problem.

For those looking to work in the industry, the first port of call is usually the call center's recruiting office rather than using an agency, which will charge for the pleasure of using them. It is also easy to move from one call center to another, all that is required is an employee referral. Although OFWs still make up the biggest sector, call centers now offer a choice to stay in the country.