When travelling anywhere abroad with any medication, it is important to check that it is legal in the countries you will be stopping in. Not just the destination. What we may regard as normal in the UK to buy codeine, it can be illegal in some Middle Eastern countries. People have been arrested, even when transiting through.

Most drugs are acceptable in the Philippines, even so, it is important to keep all pills in the original boxes that they were purchased in. For prescribed medication, this means leaving the label on the medication, and taking an actual prescription with you. If you do not have that, then a letter from the doctor listing your medication is good enough.

You are unlikely to be pulled up, but it is always important to lower the risks when entering a foreign country, as a simple issue can quickly get out of hand.

One important point, NEVER PUT MEDS IN YOUR HOLD LUGGAGE. The main reason for this is that if it goes missing, you have no meds. Also, drug detectors may pick up the scent and so customs will then rip open the case to check the contents. Keep all meds in your hand luggage.