Well here it is, the answers to questions that couldnt be given over the past few months, the self same Austerity cuts could have been made back in April, but the Conservatives chose NOT to do so because it would/could have cost them votes.
So back in April the Country had a budget that didnt help the Country a great deal, but gave the Conservatives some hope of gaining/losing a few votes, so to hell with whats for the greater good of GB PLc but lets put off the medication thats needed until after the election.
We live in a Democracy, well we used to until we joined the EU, so i will abide by the decision taken for the next 5 years, but it doesnt mean that i agree with it. I have a feeling some of us are going to be needing it by the time 5 years is up.
One thing i would like to see brought in, is for people who can work but dont work, besides seeing there Benefits reduced its time they did some sort of Community service/work of 20 Hours per week, if they refuse to do it, then they forfeit any rights to Benefit payments. The people who i feel may be hardest hit are the 1 parent families who want to work but who have NO family support and are unable to rely on family help for childcare whilst they work.