The hair is a woman’s crowning glory.

We’ve heard of that saying long before time without even bothering to learn where that saying even came from. To the many who are concerned with their hairs or their hairstyles, the crowning glory deserves as much pampering and attention as any of the other parts of the body.

Would you have noticed how a mere change in hairstyle or hair color changes the aura or the overall look of a person? There is something about a hairstyle, a good one, that boosts the confidence of a person, or uplifts his spirits and his moods.

Look like a star, like a Roman or Grecian goddess, like Beyoncè or Zooey Deschanel or whomever style star you like, by just simply copying their hairstyles. Look your best.

It is only fitting that in order to achieve that desired look, save up your cash and invest it in a good hair salon and a great hair stylist. So, you ask, what is the best salon in Manila? Worry no more as we present to you not only one, but three of the leading and trusted hair salons in Manila.

Jing Monis Salon

Feeling like a star? The Jing Monis Salon is the ultimate it-girl place to be. Stars and other elites are just a few of the high profile clientele of Jing Monis. They offer first rate services that are at par of course with what you’re paying.

Jing Monis is renowned as one of the best hairstylists in Manila. He’s well-traveled, expanding his knowledge and nurturing his skill in hairstyling and haircutting. Aside from that, the salon in itself is posh among all levels so that you feel no less like a real celebrity as soon as you step into the salon.

Come in with a dream look, and step out with a boosted confidence while donning that dreamed hairstyle.

Visit the Jing Monis Salon at the Greenbelt Mall, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.

Emphasis Salon

Its’ not called Emphasis for nothing. Put an emphasis to your crowning glory that is taken good care of at the Emphasis salon. Feel like a princess when you visit this elegant and luxurious salon that is out to give you a real royal treatment.

They sure do understand what crowns mean to their princesses and queens. So, let their experts polish and bejewel those crowns so that you not only look like a princess, but a regal and shining beauty.

Bench Fix Salon

While most of the elite and the upper class might not reserve a chance to visit Bench Fix salon, this is a great salon especially for the many of us who have just enough or above average budget for a hair redo, updo, and everything else. Bench Fix is already competitive on its own, affordable, trusted, reliable, and most of all, it is very accessible wherever you are in the Metro.

So whether you are on a tight budget or just simply need a quick fix, then drop by the nearest Bench Fix salon without having to doubt or worry about the results. | What is the Best Salon in Manila