The Philippines is rich in culture and it has an expansive history within them. The Philippines became a blend of the cultures that have colonized them for hundreds of years, but nonetheless have integrated their own inherent backgrounds as native Filipinos to become the Filipinos that they are today.

The Filipinos, themselves, are known for their hospitality and their unwavering smiles, optimism, and hope that could not be drowned by any storm or typhoon that could befall them. While the people are already rich in their attributes, the Philippines takes great pride in its blessedness of natural resources, sights, beaches, and marvellous natural gifts.

Most of all, you can enjoy all these glorious beauties because indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Here are some of the top vacation places in the Philippines:

  • Batanes

The Batan Island, located at the topmost portion of the Philippines, is on top of everyone’s bucket lists. Batanes is becoming a well–loved tourist spot because of its glorious scenery and rich architecture that are reminiscent of the previous Spanish colonial era. However, the people are also rich in their cultures and tradition that you surely would love to get to know. The hills, the lighthouse, the beach, the wind---Batanes is definitely a must in every traveller’s bucket list...

  • Surigao del Sur’s Enchanted River

Located in Mindanao, Surigao del Sur leaves you enchanted with its Enchanted River. The river has crystal clear waters that could only remind you of the most enchanting places, and leave you with a view of the riverbed. But don’t be fooled as this river indeed runs deep. The water is cool and refreshing, and there’s none more exquisite than a taste, and an experience of a visual gradient of aquamarine and blue, all under a shade of clouds and sky and the richest greens from plants. Now that’s definitely a sight to behold!

  • Bohol

Bohol may have been badly hit by the recent earthquake, but despite that hit, Bohol remains to be undeniable in its beauty. The Chocolate Hills is a natural wonder that you just cannot put off from visiting. The Boholanos all have different tales and folklore myths about where the Chocolate Hills came from, but all of those stories are quirky and funny and tells you a whole lot about how fun the Filipinos indeed are. The beaches of Bohol are an experience and so are the rare animals, such as the tarsier, which is local to Bohol.

  • Palawan

The island of Palawan boasts of its majestic beaches and sights. Its waters are an experience in itself and the sight of its beaches is just so lovely, it’ll definitely leave you breathless and in the mood for some life-romance. El Nido, Puerto Princesa, and Coron are the top and most visited islands in Palawan. Each of these feature beaches that are ideal for anyone who loves to lounge and at the same time enjoy waters that bring you to life and feeling refreshed.

These are just some of the most visited places in the Philippines. When you start, the fun doesn’t stop at one place. There are still plenty more to discover in this great country. | Top Vacation Places in the Philippines