What is your idea of romance?

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” ~Anais Nin.

Perhaps we could travel instead to discover new places and to rediscover the soul of our companion and of who we are when we are with them.

Filipinos are romantics by heart. Nature simply had that in mind, too, as the Philippines is blessed with places that are romantic and if they are not, the “lonely” traveller in you could redefine your own idea of romance once you experience and truly immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of these top romantic places in the Philippines.

The Cold Never Bothers You, Anyway. Wrap yourself or your partner with the warmth of love.

Baguioand Tagaytay are perhaps the coldest places in the tropical country of the Philippines. Elevated from the normal ground, these mountain areas encourage you to be wrapped in an embrace of arms that hold you up or simply with warmth in your heart. There’s nothing better than sharing these romantic sceneries, the cold air, the volcano and the lake with a cup of coffee or warm chocolate, complete with strawberries, or horses, or flowers with your loved one.

It’s the Climb. And the awareness of the lending hand and the support.

Trekkers enjoy the Philippines because of its trails and mountainous areas that encourage you to take the hike, trek, climb, and camp just to touch the sky. Of course, all of these hiking and climbing, huffing and puffing, gets all the more easier when shared with a loved one who gives you a steady and strong hand to hold and support. Now, that’s pretty cheesy. But wait, when you get to see the view. Visit Mt. Pulag, or Sagada in the Mountain Province, or Mt. Apo, or Mount Pinatubo, and take the climb.

To the Depths, You and I.

It’s a secret that can never be concealed: how the Philippines have the most romantic beaches, surrounded by pristine waters and marvellous sceneries. The greens, the blues, the whites, and the pretty flowers, too…The cool, the fresh, and everything else that spells true bliss. The Philippine waters never run dry of any enchanting capacity to put out the romantic in you. Surf in Siargao, take a dive in the Enchanted River in Surigao. Swim in Panglao, Bohol, or explore Palawan---Coron, El Nido, Puerto Princesa. Take a dip at Malapascua, Bantayan, or in Olango in Cebu.
There are also magnificent caves to visit in the Philippines.

Go and explore into the deep in these caves: Palawan Underground River, Callao Caves in Cagayan, Tabon Caves in Quezon, Biak-na-Bato in Bulacan and some other more to discover.

The Rest is History

There’s something about walking through old places and knowing its history that leaves you with a feeling of gratitude and pride. And for the romantics out there, this experience is worth sharing with your loved one. It’s like walking down through memory lane and knowing you too would soon carve your own history together. Visit Batanes and Vigan, Ilocos Sur while creating historic memories together.

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