A lot of tourists think it’s heart breaking to leave their pets behind whilst they are out gallivanting and having a very good time travelling to other countries. Some leave their pets to the neighbors’ care. However, not everyone has that kind of luxury. In addition, some people want their pets to tag along with them. Fortunately a number of airlines in the Philippines offer services that allow tourists to bring their pets with them.
Philippine airlines have a strict pet policy. There are a few things that plane passengers need to do before taking their pet with them:

  • Pets need to be checked by its veterinarian within 10 days before the scheduled flight. The owner must obtain a health certificate indicating that the pet animal is healthy and fit enough to fly. Moreover, this is to ensure that the pet is not sick and does not have any disease that is contagious to humans and other pet passengers.
  • Small dogs, cats, or a pet bird may or may not be allowed to stay in the cabin with the rest of the passengers. However, there is an exception. Medically certified and trained service dogs are permitted to stay in the cabin with its owner to provide assistance.
  • Dogs and other animals that are big and do not comply with the “in-cabin travel” rules are recommended to stay in the cargo section of the plane instead. In doing so, the owner must provide a sturdy, strong and approved pet crate or carrier to avoid injuries in the animal’s part. Pet crates must also be in compliance with the airlines pet policy. That said, airlines have strict guides and rules to prepare your pet and the crate before take-off.
  • Pet owners can buy their own pet carrier as long as it is acceptable and within compliance of the airline pet rules. However, the airlines can also provide an airline pet carrier for passengers who do not have one.
  • Don’t forget to label your pet’s crate. Put a tag or a collar on your pet’s neck. Before checking yourself in, be sure that the airline personnel will take your pet to the same flight destination as yours.
  • Before checking in, you are required to fill out forms regarding your pet, and they will need you to provide a vaccination certificate.
  • It is not advisable to feed your pet before the flight. This is to avoid eliminating waste in its own crate or carrier. However, if it is a long flight (for example, California – Manila City), it is best to install a water bottle in your pet’s crate and let the plane staff tend to him according to the pet policy provided by the airline.
  • Before boarding the plane, you must inform the flight attendant that you have a pet on board. And make sure the pilot is informed as well, so that they can change the temperature in the cargo department that is comfortable for your pet.
  • It is advisable that pets must be trained to travel, especially on long flights since other animals tend to panic and get nervous during the trip.

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