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    4 Reasons Why Youll Love this Travel Startup - MeshTrip.com

    One of the fastest growing trends today is the idea of a sharing economy - a socioeconomic system built around .human and physical resources..
    The largest sector of the sharing economy is accommodation rentals a system in which property owners rent out a room or a whole apt/house directly to a traveler..
    Peer-to-peer accommodation rental websites like: Airbnb, Housetrip, Homeaway, Roomorama, constitute an $84 billion market, and are becoming a real threat to conventional hotels, due to their lower cost and greater variety of options..
    There are, however, quite a few challenges this new industry, such as the rental listings spread over multiple websites and a relatively long booking process, which includes communication with the property owner..
    MeshTrip.com is a new startup that is working on solving those problems..
    Listed below are 4 reasons why we think you should give Meshtrip.com a try..

    • Biggest Inventory.

    Meshtrip.com is an aggregator for accommodation rentals, combining multiple vacation rental websites into a single easy to use interface..
    By doing so, Meshrtip.com created the largest inventory of listings on the market, allowing users to find the best available accommodation based on their criteria, without wasting time looking through numerous sources..
    There are currently over 1.5 million unique listings in almost 50,000 cities worldwide (2x more than AirBnB)...

    1. Instant Booking.

    One of the biggest hassles when using traditional vacation rental websites is not having the ability to book instantly..
    On these sites, users usually need to go through a lengthy process, which includes: contacting owners, waiting for a response, checking availability, negotiating, etc..
    The MeshTrip team figured out a way to solve this dilemma, and now 1 out 3 listings (roughly 500,000 units) on the website can be booked instantly. Just filter by Instant booking, find the place you like and pay. Fast and easy...

    • More Savings..

    No fees - Meshtrip is free, since it makes its cut from the partner websites that provide the listings..
    Since accommodation rentals dont have all the overhead costs of the hotels, they provide you an average of 30-40% savings..
    All the listings on the website can be filtered and/or sorted by price, because there are so many options from multiple sources, travelers will find the best deal on the market fast..

    • Authentic Experiences.

    While most hotels offer similar services and room accommodations, every accommodation rental on MeshTrip.com is unique,and caters to unique interests, needs, and hobbies of any traveler. Certain folks might be looking for a romantic getaway, some would want to bring their whole big family, and others want to explore a local culture by staying in a historical landmark. With the wide variety of listings featured on Meshtrip.com any traveler can find their ideal accommodation.
    http://filipinaroses.com/4-reason-wh...-meshtrip-com/ | MeshTrip, travel

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