The word miscegenationhas been used since the 19th century, when interracial marriages and genetic admixture took place. Though the union of people both from different races with different culture and beliefs is a tough relationship to uphold, many still end up uniting themselves with someone of a different nationality.

Comparing this setting to the present age, the word is not as famous as the phrase “marrying a foreigner”. And when cross cultural marriage happens, a whole lot of things should be considered by both parties.

In the Philippines, having a foreigner spouse is something usual. Several reasons have been established for one to marry a foreigner. Although most of the reasons of some Filipino women is to secure their lives in the future, which is so practical, others may have other, but reasonable, causes of their own.

There are those who stayed long abroad and loved the culture of the place where they are and then finally decided to stay there for good in the arms of a native of the same country he/she fell in love with. Sounds cheesy, but isn’t it so romantic? There are some who wanted to have a very fine mix of races, wanting their children to have a star studded looks just like Hollywood actors and actresses of their times. History shows that offspring's of a union between a Filipino and another race most often than not, are exceptionally good looking. In the Philippine showbiz industry, examples of such case are half British Bea Alonzo, who is Phylbert Angellie Ranollo Fagestrom in real life, Anne Curtis-Smith, who is half Australian, Gerald Anderson with American father, and Angelika Dela Cruz who was born to a Filipino father and an Italian-Austrian mother.

On the other hand, however, there are those who think differently towards this issue. Point of views from these people implies quite a divergent reason of marrying a foreigner. For them, marrying someone of another race reduces the pressure of marrying a fellow Filipino.

Whatever reasons and purposes a Filipino has in having a partner of a different race, the advice for a Filipina dating a Westerner would be these:

First, know what country your date is from. Do a little research about the culture, values, arts, music they have. Doing this would give you ideas on what to talk about when you’re together. Second, a typical Westerner is used to a totally different culture. So it can take time at the start of a relationship for both parties to get used to how each other thinks and feels.. Third and last, right at the start it needs to be made clear that money cannot be asked for by friends and family, as this can cause problems in such relationships. Putting the financial rules down at the start, can prevent problems in the future. | Advice for a Filipina dating a Westerner