Palawan is well known as the Philippine’s Last Frontier and it is a must visit for every tourist, wishing to have an adventure and to see nature at its best. Palawan is definitely one of the most visited places in the Philippines. It is because of its wonderful scenery, white sand beaches, breathtaking landscapes and seascapes and friendly locals. It is also a hotspot for tourists because of its lagoons, caves and the diversity of its marine life. Here are some places to visit in Palawan that would make your vacation worth it and unforgettable.
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park – this park is located in the Saint Paul mountain range and also the entrance to the underground park that is just a short hike from Sabang. This is the longest underground river in the whole world.
Sabang – this is a beach that is near to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This a beautiful beach where you can just relax after visiting the underground river. Near this beach you can find a mangrove forest.
Calauit Island – this island will surely surprise you, especially those who are animal lovers, because the main feature of this island is its collection of African animals such as Zebras, Giraffes, and Gazelles that are roaming freely in the wild.
El Nido – this is one of the most amazing and beautiful places that you can find in the Philippines. You can have diving and snorkel, island hopping or just relax and enjoy its beautiful beach.
Honda Bay – this is also a must visit place in Palawan. The most popular activity that can be done here is Island Hopping which many tourists are very fond of. Honda Bay is just a 30 minute drive from Puerto Princesa.
Coron .–. this is another gorgeous destination in Northern Palawan. a lot of tourists visit frequently to Coron because of the easy access to direct flight with Manila. This is a great place to enjoy and explore various islands and to dive to see the sunken ships. You can also see a variety of colorful marine life which will make your snorkelling exciting and more fun.
Tabon Cave – this cave was labelled as the “cradle of Civilization of the Philippines”, because it is where archaeologists found a skull cap and other remains of what they believed as the oldest inhabitants of the Philippines. The cave is located in the southern part of Palawan. | Palawan, Palawan Philippines, Places to visit in Palawan, Places to visit in Palawan Philippines