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Thread: Hey It's Jaice.

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    Hey It's Jaice.

    Hi there. You can find my basic introduction on my profile page and welcome all to chat and socialise with me here on FilipinoUK.
    To be Frank I'm kind of tired of joining social network/dating sites full of dead profiles and fake accounts, not to mention the forms I have to keep filling. I love travelling to far away places when I have the time and women abroad that I've met always seem interested in me but even if I was to fall in love with someone I feel that I can trust, the procedure and extreme commitments to bring a partner here to the U.K is an idea I'm currently not too fond of.
    I turned to thinking about how nice it would be to meet my ideal partner right here in London but where to start? Why Filipina? That's my inclination everyone has preferences towards their ideal lover, this is mine
    I know the conducts and orientation in which most Filipina live by I find their qualities attractive also some are really beautiful. I'm not hell bent on meeting only a lady from that part of the world but it would be really nice to have the opportunity to meet and get to know somebody from there.
    I use other social networking platforms but they are so generic I think maybe here I can become aquainted with somebody, we'll see hehe.
    Thanks for reading ^ ^
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