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    Real life filipino gold powerseller on ebay uk


    I am self employed mum working from my own comfort zone, I work full time on Ebay and I am a Gold Powerseller, I am originally from Philippines, now lives in the UK permanently, way back 2008 I flewn to the UK when I was 8 months pregnant, gave birth year 2009, my son is now 4 year old. I started selling on Ebay year 2010 with full of ups and downs , life isn't easy by then, my husband works in a council earns minimum of £700-£1,500 a month, his wage is not enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, year 2010- 2012 we lived in one of the remote Islands in Scotland with no much to see and do due to limited recreation, in my heart and mind I wanted to get out in the rat race, I wanted to escape in the life that I never wish to become, I love my husband yet I blamed him for the life that he has given me, he has nothing to offer but only his love,care and affection which for me that time is not enough, days passed by I am so kinda tired and bored in a very little place that I am in, My husband is good and kind hearted but in my heart something is missing because I knew in my heart that I have so much to offer in life, I knew in my heart that there is so much life ahead of me and I won't let anyone to stop me to dream BIG , that time I felt I am totally disconnected to the world, something out there that I wanted to see and do but its out of my reach, financially that time in my life I am financially dependent on my husband from every pennies I need. I remembered during every Christmas he asks me what I wanted to receive from him, I normally ask for a cash , a little cash for myself because I would love to have at least something on my purse to use at anytime when needed, he gives me £200 but then it didn't satisfies me, I started questioning my worth and value as a person, I started to question myself what is my purpose in life, am I worth £200 only? Is my purpose in life is to be financially dependent on my husband all my life? Is that what I want to be like till I die? Is my purpose in life is to be a full time housewife which of course I am not against of being one but my inner voice tells me that I am unique human being, I may not have the wings but definitely I can fly high and can have all the money in the world when needed because I said so, years way back I invested on anything that adds value to myself, I bought several e-books related to work from home, failed so many times, tested several times but no to avail , all of them gives you false promises but still I didn't give up, everytime I bought e-book I won't tell to my husband because he is so against of it ,he doesn't want me to work because he couldn't see the potential of me ,my ability,my skills that I wanted to show to the whole world that I can but he blinded to see it all which I don't blame him because only ME knows ME, We fought many times because I become obsessed on finding ways to make money from home, I spent sleepless nights searching ways,he got mad at me for spending too much time on my laptop as he thought I am wasting my time settling down doing nothing but again I do not care, take it or leave it, this is me I am persistent and so determined to find my own success, he has his belief that totally differs to mine, still we do love and care each other that is what matters in spite of our differences,year 2012-2013 I seen a dramatic increase on my sales, my business needs more of my time and effort that I need to leverage others people time or even at least my husband whom the first person I wanted to ask some help. In March 01,2013 we moved to our newly rented 5 bedroom detached house, we plan to buy our first house early next year once my paper works sorted, my husband quit his job and now he is working with me full time.

    The link I have shown you below is the same E-book helping me to get started having my own business, at this point of time I am now financially independent handling a big responsibility to pay all the bills and bring food in the table, you may not believe but my life is now totally different years way back, I have all the money that I need without bothering my husband, I'll be coming home to Philippines to share my success with them. It's about time for you to step up and make difference, if I can do, why can't you. At the end of the day its your choice, to step up or to make excuses because if your excuses is you have kids that nobody will look after your kids,don't make me believe because I started my Ebay when my son is only few months old and up to this point of time my son is in pre-school whom I still manage to take him to school every morning and later come back to start my business,OR if your excuses is you are in the wrong place, don't make me believe either because I was living in a remote Island in Scotland where I have no access to any big prestigious company only I have to start with is computer with internet connection, Now, I am living my dream life with all the money that I wish to have.
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    The link is removed.
    If you want to help folks then share your knowledge.
    But please don't link to such sites

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    Tried ebay, but dont earn dat much... just saying..

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    Hi! So what do you sell on eBay? I am just a shopper there and I find it convenient most of the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathe View Post
    Hi! So what do you sell on eBay? I am just a shopper there and I find it convenient most of the time
    to filipino/uk, Mathe.

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